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101 Marine insurance full guide

All ship owners who use their vessels for transportation or commerce must have a marine insurance policy. However, some plans offer coverage that is not

Why is ocean freight expensive

4 Reasons why ocean freight so expensive

The world’s ongoing nemesis is the unexpected increase in shipping costs, which is the main cause of shipping’s high costs in 2021: COVID-19. Shipping costs

ocean freight surcharges

A full list of ocean freight surcharges

One downside of ocean freight is the final bill you may receive after shipping your cargo to the destination. Ocean freight surcharges could add up

Ocean freight most asked questions 

As your new business grows, it’s important to understand the world’s largest trade and how ocean freight is the most shared logistics in different industries,

Freight forwarding services

Guide on freight forwarding services

Finding reliable freight forwarding services is essential to your company’s success. In this post, you’ll learn what is freight forwarding and how it works, and