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Ocean freight charges are calculated as 1 CBM = 1 ton. This is the CBM factor used for ocean freight.

The actual ton weight, in this case, is less than the volumetric weight (CBM), hence the ocean freight rates are computed using the CBM.


To calculate different types of ocean freight cargo charges, there are a lot of factors to consider before the final estimate.

How to calculate freight cost per kg

Most LCLs are priced by volume rather than weight, with the exception of exceptionally heavy goods.

Use these guidelines when choosing the most cost-effective mode for most products:

  • Air freight becomes uneconomic for shipments weighing more than 500 kg.
  • The cost of ocean freight is roughly $2–4 per kg, and a shipment from China to the United States will take 30–40 days or more.
  • A shipment between 150 kg and 500 kg from China to the United States can be sent by air freight for roughly $5-8 per kilo and take 8-10 days.
  • Express air freight is a few days faster than regular air freight, but it is also more expensive.
  • Packages weighing less than 150 kg can be sent by courier at a reasonable cost (express freight).

You can learn more about Ocean freight vs. Air freight here.

What is the difference between CBM and W M?

The term “W/M” refers to the weight or measurement of the ocean freight charge for LCL. This shows either the shipping weight or volume in CBM, as specified above. 

The total ocean freight rate will be $300 if the rate is $60 W/M and the consignment is 5 CBMs. 

How does ocean freight calculate chargeable weight?

The cargo has a cubic volume of 0.769cbm (length, breadth, and width). 

To get 0.769 x 333kg = 256kg, multiply the cubic volume by 333kg. Because 400 is greater than 256, the freight charge is calculated using the actual weight of the shipment, based on where it falls on the sliding scale of costs.

How is ocean freight WM calculated?

Multiply the volume of your shipment by the W/M rate. 

You will be charged the higher of the two amounts by the shipping firm. 

If your shipment has a capacity of 10 cubic meters and weighs a metric ton, and the freight rate is $100 W/M, you have two options: $1,000 by volume or $100 by weight. 

Ocean Freight Base Rates

The prices of delivering shipments directly by sea are known as ocean freight rates. Freight quotations are a cost estimate for the whole transportation process, including pick-ups, trucking, warehousing, and other services.

Base rates are used in the calculating of ocean freight charges by freight and shipping businesses. The ocean freight fee for a Full Container Load (FCL) of cargo is usually determined by the container’s size, such as 20′, 40′, or 45′, as well as its type – refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and so on.

Ocean freight: 1 CBM equals 1000 kilograms 

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