Ocean Freight Forwarding

This is a significant portion of the international freight forwarding business.

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Ocean Freight Forwarding Service

Ocean Freight Forwarding is a significant portion of the international freight forwarding business. So, we offer a broad range of services, whether it be LCL, FCL, Break-bulk, Project Cargo, Heavy Lift, and Military Cargo. We cover major ports and destinations across the globe to provide for customer needs.

With the availability of several carriers, we have a choice to provide customers with time-definite, cost-effective solutions, and reliability. We provide global coverage from all six continents of the world through our network of partners with specific strengths in individual geographies and a robust network of connections and contract agreements with leading global shipping lines.

We offer reliable, scheduled service to practically every point within our network with quick deliveries and less transit time.

M A Anderson, has exposure to various business verticals such as FMCG, Fashion, Pharma, Dairy and Beverages, Automotive, Construction, Industrial supplies, Power, Oil & Gas, can easily be part of any supply chain.

Project clients highly regard us for advising customs regulations and procedures they must follow before their mobilization on-site and for protecting their goods.

Ocean Freight Faqs

Less than Container Load shipping term is commonly used to describe an international ocean freight service that is designed for shipping boxed, crated or palletized cargo from or to the USA that cannot fill an entire 20 or 40-foot sea freight container.

There are many advantages for international shipping using LCL ocean freight service, i.e., using shipping services from global transportation companies (Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, VOCCs) Vs. using FCL (Full Container Load ocean freight service) or shipping service offered by international moving companies

When using LCL shipping services, you need not worry about returning the container after delivery. Because you are sharing the container, it is the concern of the shipping container service company, which is likely to have return trips booked for that LCL container. Shippers using LCL need to be concerned only about the load being shipped and nothing else.

Using FCL service allows you to have the benefit of direct shipping from the shipper door to your warehouse at the Final destination. This will enable shorter transit time compared to the LCL service additional of less handling, which reduces the risk of damage.

This refers to the method by which vehicles and machinery are loaded onto large ocean shipping vessels for transport overseas. Fusion Shipping Worldwide is a leading provider of such services to individuals and corporations who wish to transport single or multiple vehicles. A simple consultation with our logistics pros can determine your rates and schedule for future RoRo shipments.


Breakbulk service is used when the total cargo can’t be loaded in containers such as grains, scrape metal, project cargo, pipes, transformers for power stations, and full-size power plants, simply any cargo oversized or in large quantity that can fill part or full vessel load. Also, when a container, whether or not it is modified, is not enough. It’s the solution used for over-sized cargo.

In effect, MA Anderson will have the know-how to offer containerize service, by laying a bed of Flat Racks and Platforms and then lash the cargo to them to create what looks like a giant pen.

With this method, there is almost no limit to the size of cargo that can be carried.

M A Anderson offers a safe, efficient, cost-effective bulk liquid transportation service. Flexitanks are the most reliable and cost-effective mode to transport most Non – Hazardous /Non -Toxic Liquid Products. It has a complete advantage over traditional shipping methods by drums and IBCs, lowering your risk, costs, and environmental impact.

Advantages of using Flexi Tanks
Very Low positioning costs.
No cleaning costs, No disposal costs.
Cost-effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers, drums, and IBCs.
Can carry 40% more cargo than drum and 50% more than by bottles.
Quick loading compared to drums and IBCs.
Low labor for handling, filling, and loading.
Reduces Handling cost and time during installation and loading.
Clean and environmentally friendly.
No risk of contamination.
The low weight of Flexitank-so higher payloads possible.
20 ft. Container payload 15% higher than ICB’s container payload 45% higher than drums.