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If you are starting a business that requires exporting goods abroad, you are undoubtedly debating between using air freight shipping or ocean freight shipping. Both positives and negatives can be said for each mode of transportation.

You should be aware of the main advantages of ocean freight before you make your choice.

Ocean freight meaning

90% of all global trade is ocean freight, which is transported by sea.

Transporting heavy loads of cargo (more than 100 kg) by sea is known as sea freight or ocean freight.

placing stuff in enormous containers that are stacked aboard ships.

All things can be shipped, although there may be some limitations.

Learn about the advantages of ocean freight below.

Advantages of ocean freight
Ocean freight

Advantages of ocean freight in 2022


Ocean freight rates are more reasonable and economically viable for heavier cargo when compared to those charged by rail, road, and air.

Ocean freight service providers offer a range of affordable shipping options for various products.

This is crucial for many firms because they need to reduce transportation costs so that they can provide products to customers at lower pricing. As a result, you will have a competitive advantage over others.


Compared to sea shipping, air and other means of transportation have significantly higher carbon footprints, which is bad for the environment.

Ships, on the other hand, are the mode of transportation that uses the least amount of carbon. Compared to other modes of transportation, they emit the fewest grams of exhaust gas per tonne of cargo. As technology develops, new ships are delivered, and LNG-powered alternatives are used, these already-low emissions will continue to decline.

Best for Bulky Goods

One major benefit of sea freight shipping is the ability of the shipping companies to convey big, heavy, or bulky goods, commonly known as break bulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) loads.

The cargo may include large vehicles, machinery, supplies for building, and other miscellaneous products. Many marine vessels have little trouble transporting massive cargo, which is frequently too large or big for air freight or even over-the-road transit.


Regardless of the size of your goods, sea freight suppliers can often meet all of your requirements. Even smaller shipments can be mixed with other products to fill a container, sharing the cost of transportation services.

Shippers have unmatched bulk options because they can fill one or several containers with larger products.

Vessels are the ideal way to transport high cargo quantities because they are designed to carry enormous amounts of goods or raw materials.


Hazardous materials and risky goods can be securely transported on ships. Regulations are in place to guarantee the safety of the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment and the industry is experienced in handling such items.

As marine safety improves, cargo loss due to mishaps during transit continues to decline and has decreased dramatically over the past ten years.

For added protection, containers are made to be sealed and locked while being transported.

Other benefits of Ocean freight

  • The most economical method for transporting bulky items over great distances is ocean freight transportation.
  • The sole alternative to air freight, which is frequently very expensive, for transcontinental shipment is ocean freight shipping.
  • An effective choice for shipping big, bulky items that are challenging to move by other means.
  • Trucks and other items that cannot be sent by air can be transported using ocean freight shipping.

advantages and disadvantage of ocean freight
Ocean freight cost

What does ocean freight cost?

There are standard freight costs for shipping containers around the world.

Quotes represent the expected total cost of all transportation-related expenses, such as pick-ups, trucks, warehousing, and other factors.

The price of shipping products via sea freight can be determined in a variety of ways. To calculate the entire cost of sea freight shipment, apply the formula below:

Weight x Rate = Price Plus (Freight Handling Charges).

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